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10 years fighting for your fish and fishing

We’re passionate about fishing and protecting the future of our sport – read more about the work we do and how you can support us to protect fishing for future generations.

Help us fight to protect fish and fishing for generations to come

Supporting our work to protect and grow the sport you love has never been more important. We have great member benefits, with discounts on fishing, tackle and everyday items, as well as a fantastic joining offer for new individual members.

Your money back to spend on tackle

We have great member benefits, with discounts on fishing, tackle and everyday items, as well as a fantastic joining offer for new members which effectively gives you your first year’s membership fee back to spend on tacklePlease note the Fishing Megastore offer is only available to full paying adult and senior citizen members - full details are available here.

Landmark wins against polluters

Fish Legal has successfully fought everyone from rogue farmers to multinational corporations on behalf of its members while in many cases the government and statutory bodies have done little or nothing.  We win pollution cases against companies large and small and allowing compensation to be put where it is most needed – to the angling clubs and fishery owners affected, so that they can restore their waters.  We have only been able to do this thanks to the loyal support of our members.

Times we've taken the Government to court and changed policy

Pounds in compensation for our members impacted by pollution

Legal cases taken on behalf of members

The number of times we have provided legal advice

Planning threats we have advised on

Combatting poaching, fish theft and other criminal activity

In partnership with the Environment Agency we have recruited and coordinate an army of nearly 500 volunteer bailiffs and developed stronger ties with police, in addition to educating migrant anglers on fishing rules and regulations via the Building Bridges project. 

Volunteer Bailiffs recruited

Patrols coordinated since the VBS went live across England

Hours protecting fish and fisheries since the VBS went live across England

Getting more people fishing

The Angling Trust is committed to getting more people fishing more often, increasing the diversity of participants and raising the standards of safeguarding and coaching.

Working in collaboration with other partners including the Environment Agency, Sport England, Canal and Rivers Trust, Get Hooked on Fishing and the Angling Trade Association, in the last two years alone we have run over 1800 events across the country, introducing 47,000 adults and 30,000 juniors to the sport.

You can see more of our work at

Introduction events organised in the last two years

Coaches trained

Juniors and Adults introduced in the last two years

More competitive angling than ever in all three disciplines of our sport

We held over 400 events last year,  which attracted in excess of 10,000 competition entries for competitions that included Fish ‘O’ Mania, RiverFest, nine major National Championships, AT Winter League, AT/CRT Canal Pairs, British Pike Championships, AT/CRT Boddington Classic and TideFest. We also supported our International England teams representing both the Trust and their sponsors and have developed a Youth Talent Pathway to offer more elite angling teams than ever before.

Events held each year

Entries last year

National teams supported

Progress on predation

Our successes to date include securing funding for fishery management advisors to advise and support fisheries on predation issues, as well as distributing over £480,000 provided by the Environment Agency for otter fencing and deterrents. 

secured for otter fencing and deterrents

Fisheries given specialist support by our advisors on predation in the last 12 months

A louder voice for angling


A stronger voice for angling in Parliament

Our work has given anglers the loudest voice ever to influence legislation and policy, including pollution, predation, commercial netting and anglers’ rights. We couldn't do it without the support of our members.

Better water quality and healthier fisheries

Thanks to determined action, the Angling Trust & Fish Legal have successfully fought damaging activities such as river dredging, hydropower schemes, over-abstraction and pollution. 

Three-rod licence for specimen and carp anglers

Thanks to our direct campaigning for free junior rod licences and a three-rod licence for specimen and carp anglers. these changes, along with the fairer deal of a rolling 365-day licence, have been introduced.

Representation for sea anglers

We have got sea angling up the political agenda, lobbied the IFCAs to ban estuary and inshore netting and fought to restore anglers’ rights to take bass home to eat.


Action on invasive species

From Signal Crayfish to Floating Pennywort, we have supported initiatives such as the Check Clean Dry campaign to help stop the spread of invasive non-native species. We also campaign for the government to take further action to control and eradicate species threatening our waters.


Securing funds to help clubs and fisheries

From new fish stocks, to better facilities and disabled access, the Trust continues to secure vital support via the Angling Improvement Fund – approximately £2m from the Environment Agency in the last 4 years.

Our ambassadors

As long as individual voices can be heard within an organisation, it helps to have a single focus and point of contact for our concerns. The Angling Trust deserves the support of all anglers.

Paul Whitehouse

Comic actor and writer

I'm supporting the Angling Trust because it's the only interest group that can put forward a united and coherent message who stand any chance of making any impact.

Jeremy Wade

Author and TV presenter (River Monsters)

I feel privileged to be working with the Angling Trust who are at the forefront of improving fish welfare and campaigning for a better and healthier aquatic environment, as well as promoting the sport to newcomers. As an ambassador who is passionate about getting more people fishing and outdoors, my main focus will be working together to introduce more people to the sport and the great outdoors, as well as partnering up to offer free fishing days for charities.

Marina Gibson

Founder of the Northern Fishing School

Now, more than ever, anglers need to unify across our sport and take active responsibility for the fish we catch and the environment we love. Becoming a member of the Angling Trust is giving direct backing and support to an organisation of experts that are absolutely leading the way in protecting and fighting for all our best interests. Fishing has changed my life and my happiness can be measured by my proximity to our wild waters, the thought that generations of anglers may not experience the same privilege in the future is, frankly, horrifying.

Will Millard

Explorer, presenter and writer

I am pleased to join the list of Angling Trust Ambassadors and praise the breadth and depth of what this united body achieves for game, coarse and sea fishers in England and Wales. From challenging over-fishing at sea through to awareness of the danger posed by fish-eating birds, the Trust leads the way. Habitat degradation is flagged up, as is over-abstraction. On offer is morale-boosting strength of purpose alongside Fish Legal, which gives teeth in the law courts to fighting pollution and the other threats.

Henry Giles

Author and writer

It’s already shown that the strength in unity has given the Angling Trust the ear of various department of the government. One voice speaking for all anglers has got to be the only way we will be heard and taken notice of.

Jim Whippy

Former editor of Sea Angling News, Total Sea Fishing and Boat Fishing Monthly

Who are the Angling Trust & Fish Legal

The Angling Trust are a representative body for all anglers in England and Wales. Our members support the campaigns we carry out to protect fish and fishing and our programmes to increase participation.

We are recognised by Sport England as the national governing body in England and promote active lifestyles and maintaining a regular angling habit.



Fish Legal is a unique membership association who use the law to fight pollution and protect fish stocks on behalf of its members throughout the UK. It is united in a collaborative relationship with the Angling Trust, the national representative body for angling in England.

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